At Snuggly Duck Crafts, we do our best to be as earth-friendly as possible, whenever possible. We don't do fanciful individually designed single-use soap packaging because of this, no matter how nice the presentation may be. We are not 100% plastic free but we try to get as close as possible. 

Biodegradable Shrink Wrap

At the moment, I wrap all soaps in biodegradable smell-thru shrink wrap made of polyolefin and my samples are either wrapped in cellophane bags which are made of wood, cotton and hemp or glassine bags.

Due to the nature of handmade glycerin soaps, shrink wrapping with materials like polyolefin (instead of ‘hard plastic PVC') is the best option to keep it sweat-free as well as to keep it from disintegrating. Glycerin soaps keep well in climates that are not as humid. Hence, shrink wrapping helps keep it from the moisture in its surroundings. 

Honeycomb Kraft Wrap

I mainly use Kraft Wrap made completely out of kraft paper to protect the box and its contents from moving around or getting damaged during transit - especially long haul flights. Packing peanuts (if ever used) are also recycled. You may receive bubble wrap from time to time depending on the order - they are all reused and recycled. 

Kraft Boxes

All packages will be shipped in kraft boxes, although the appearance may differ from time to time. I use corrugated boxes as well as carton boxes - depending on the size of the order.

Everyone is encouraged to re-use and recycle these kraft boxes. They are handy for storage, or re-packing a gift!