Shop Policies

Handmade Items - What To Expect

As with all handmade items, they are almost never perfect. Air bubbles, uneven bases and colour differences may occur due to it being handcrafted individually. I try to make all my products look as much like the picture published as possible.

If you are uncomfortable with imperfections with any product, please read my review page to be convinced otherwise! But also, be rest assured that I work very hard and make all my products with care and love.

Please also do a patch test if you know you have sensitive skin.

All orders come with free stickers, a thank you card and a business card. 

Returns and Exchanges

Please refrain from purchasing handmade items if you aren't accepting of little flaws and imperfections as stated above. 

Due to the nature of handmade products that are meant to be used on the body and skin, even if unopened, I do not accept any returns or exchanges but please reach out to me if you have any issues with your order via the contact sheet or Instagram DMs.


I will usually work on an order within hours of it being placed, so I would appreciate if cancellations were made at least 24 hours after the purchase.