Product Care

Soap Care -

Do a patch test if you are known to have sensitive skin or sensitivity to SLS or fragrance. 

Keep soaps wrapped until use. Handmade soaps tend to form glycerin due on the surface (they are not harmful!) when exposed to humid air. Do not rest soaps in water or expose them to direct sunlight.

Best used 1 year after purchase. A soap care sheet is always provided in case you need to refer to it. 

Lotion Bar Care - 

Lotion bars can stay in the aluminium tin provided - it's perfect for that! I personally place my lotion bar on a wooden coaster in my bedroom. Keep away from direct sunlight.

Best used 6 to 8 months after purchase because the product contains 0 preservatives.

Wax Melt Care - 

Try not to light the candle for more than 5 hours as it may get too hot and lessen the fragrance throw.

Do not light near any flammable material. Do not leave the lit candle unattended especially if you have children and/or pets.

Clean out the used wax melt from the burner every time the scent no longer lingers. Do this by melting the wax down and using a tissue paper or cotton pad to soak it up, or pop the wax burner in the freezer for 10-15 minutes, then take it out and the wax should be cold enough to fall out. If not, leave in for another 10 minutes.