Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping Questions

Do you ship worldwide? 

Yes I do! Please click this link to check if there are any postal restrictions to your country because of COVID-19.

Where do you ship from? 

I ship from Singapore, a country in South-East Asia. 

What is the difference between Standard and Registered Delivery? 

Standard Delivery is a cheaper, untracked option for international postage. Registered Delivery is a slightly more expensive tracked mailing option where you can see where your parcel is after it has been dispatched. Please note, no refunds will be made for lost standard delivery. From experience, standard delivery also takes longer to reach you. 

How about VAT and tax payments? 

I am not responsible for any potential customs fees on international packages. UK and EU orders (as of June 2021) may be charged VAT upon delivery of your package. 

How will my order arrive? 

All orders are shipped in kraft boxes wrapped in weatherproof polymailers. 

Product Questions

What is a B Grade item? 

B Grade items are usable products with a slight flaw, be it in colour, weight or shape - they just look a little different from the published listing photo. All B Grade items are 100% safe to use! 

Are your products vegan?

All soaps and candles are vegan and cruelty free, and do not contain animal by-products. Lotion bars are made with organic beeswax - which some may or may not consider vegan as harvesting organic beeswax does not harm the bees.

What's the expiry date for soaps like? 

All soaps can be kept for up to 2 years wrapped. In fact, glycerin soaps don't actually 'expire' or go rancid, but their scents and colours can fade over time. I would highly recommend keeping the soaps for not longer than 2 years. 

Can you make me a custom product? 

Sure! Just head over to my Ko-Fi page to check commissions available. 

    Stock Enquiries

    The item I want is 'sold out'. What do I do? 

    Don't fret! Almost all products on my store will be restocked within a few days unless they are about to be discontinued. Check back in a few days! 

    Why can I buy only 1 of a particular item? 

    I put a cap on the purchase amount for certain products either because they take a lot of time to make or because I am making a limited amount and I don't want one person to hoard more than 1 item. This is also very uncommon, you can buy most things in my store in multiple quantities.