Duck Perks Rewards

Do you notice the little popup at the corner of your screen that says "Perks"? Click on it, and you'll spot something called Duck Perks

Introducing our very own Loyalty Program and Referral Scheme to all you lovely people visiting the site - Duck Perks is a way to earn while you shop with us! 

Not only can you earn Duck Coins from shopping, you can also earn them by following me on my socials, by celebrating your birthday with me or simply by signing up! Signing up alone earns you 100 Duck Coins. 

You can then use your Duck Coins to offset money from your orders (capped at $8). For example, 100 Duck Coins can offset $1, 500 Duck Coins can offset $5 and 800 Duck Coins can offset $8.

With this Loyalty Program also comes a Referral Scheme! Refer a friend and they will get $2 off their first order and you can get $5 off your next order after they've made a successful purchase! Both parties win! 

Remember, in order to earn and make use of your Duck Coins, you have to create an account using the popup and use that same email address every time. This way, the loyalty program can keep track of your spending and reward you accordingly. 

Join our Duck Perks program to make the most of your shopping!