Moving Out Sales have begun! 🍃

As many of you know, I've been waiting for a visa approval to move to the UK for months now. It has finally been approved!

I will be leaving Singapore and with that, all my stuff has to be sold. Because of this, everything in the store is now discounted, literally everything! The shop will be open until mid April 2023 and I will close for a few months to set myself back up while living in the UK.

YES - I will be based in the UK soon!

So do stock up on whatever products you're gonna need for the next few months before I close!

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🌟 Click on the "Perks" popup 🌟

Duck Perks is our very own loyalty rewards program for everything in the Snuggly Duck Crafts store. By clicking the simple popup and creating an account with a password, you can now accumulate Duck Coins to offset money in your orders!

When you first sign up, you will automatically be rewarded with 100 coins. After that, every $1 spent will get you 5 Duck Coins under the same account. You can also refer a friend and get $5 off your purchase once they make a successful order, and they get rewarded $2 off too!